Foundations Quarantine Challenge

Assignment 1: Wearing all my clothes

This assignment was fun for me. I wore 6 layers of shirts, 4 layers of pants, 2 jackets and for good measure, 2 pairs of socks. My dad took pictures of me making food, playing games and vacuuming. It was definitely difficult and I was sweating to death but it was fun to get my family involved.

CoLab Inside/Outside

Assignment 1: Letter to my Future Self

I typed this assignment out because I have a tendency to go through my old notes on my computer a month or so after I type them, just to see what I decided was important enough for me to type out. Also because I was a bit lazy but I think I got my point across with this letter. Maybe someday I will write it out on paper, don’t know yet.

Dear Future Me,
I was going to write this out on paper but I was lazy and unmotivated so I decided to type this out. Post pandemic, there’s a few things I need you to do. 

  1. I need you to go outside when this is over and make the art you want to make. 
  2. I want you to finally get in the habit of time management, which is ironic because the post for this assignment is 2 days late.
  3. I want you to be more thankful for your family and friends. I know you already are but maybe now you’ll buy them some McDonalds or something on the way over to their houses as a thank you for getting up before 12pm to hang out. You’ll figure it out. 
  4. And I want you to start taking actual breaks. Animal Crossing for 5 hours isn’t a break and we both know it. 

It’s going to be difficult, I know how much you want to be outside and see your friends. However, the longer the wait, the sweeter the payoff, the more day’s you’ll be able to be at each other’s houses in a row because you missed each other so much during quarantine. Don’t be stupid.

-Past You

Frame by Frame

This project was very stressful for me. I had a lot of computer troubles and last Saturday before the project was due, I decided I didn’t like what I was making and restarted it. I’m glad I did, and I’m also glad I’m done with this. I might add on more later. I’ve trying to post the video but for some reason that isn’t working so I’m just going to post a link and hope for the best.

Color Time!

Assignment 1: I wasn’t able to find any blue violet or red violet colors in my house, which I didn’t expect. This assignment made me realize I have a lot more blue objects than I thought I did.

Field Guide and Video Response

For this week’s assignment, we had to create a field guide of objects we have in our environment that resonate with us. It was a little difficult for me to find objects that weren’t super boring but I managed to find some things that really resonated with me.

1. This is my character in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. I’ve been playing it so much since quarantine started. If you play please add me, I’m still looking for apples

2. This is a metal balloon dog statue my grandparents got me for my birthday. I keep it in my space because I just love the way it looks and its a badass paperweight

3. This is a metal bird pendant I have on a probably too long necklace chain. Just has some good vibes

4. This is a bloodstone disk I bought at a crystal shop in Saratoga NY. I have a pretty big collection of rocks and I plan on making it even bigger when quarantine is over

5. This is a metal d20 from my metal dice set I got for Christmas. This is my favorite set of dice I’ve gotten out of the 14 sets I have. I have 2 different campaigns going with my friends, and I wish we could meet in person to play, but over discord makes life so easy.

6. This is a selenite heart that I bought at the same rock shop as # 4. I keep all of the rocks in my space because the give me motivation to work and they’re just pretty to look at.

7. This is a drawing of Phantump, one of my favorite Pokemon. Ive been playing a lot of Pokemon Shield as well since being on break, if anyone ever needs a raid buddy, let me know

8. This is a pill bottle. Its empty because  used them all for back pain from hunching over my tablet to draw : )

9. This is a tarot card I pulled the day we got this project. The Ace of Wands is all about creativity and inspiration, two things I do not have right now

10. This is a deck of gold cards my boyfriend bought me a while ago. Ive been playing a lot of solitaire in quarantine to keep myself busy, haven’t won a lot.

11. This is a lemon bar. I bake a lot when I’m stressed so there have been quite a few different batches of baked goods around the house during these last few weeks.

12. Finally, this is a pink glitter lava lamp. I found it at goodwill a few years ago and it looks really cool so I keep in in my space for the vibes.

For my video response, I watched the video on LaToya-Ruby Frasier. I connected with this artist and her deep love and appreciation for her family. I also connect with the fact that it’s difficult to put yourself in the work, taking on the role of both artist and art. It’s difficult but putting yourself in that position can greatly affect the way viewers see your piece. While I may not film my family for my art, my family and friends affect and change the way I work on my art with their criticisms, praises and new ideas.

Daily Practice 1

For my daily practice, I decided to make origami stars. They’re super calming to me and I’ve made them to help my anxiety. Doing this, I hope at least, is going to help take stress off the semester. Below is a picture of a glass full of them that I have back at my house that I started making on my own.

Final Performance

While I really liked where the project was going and how everyone else went, I wasn’t the biggest fan of how I did in this project. Nevertheless its what happened and I still like it. A great end to the semester.

Story of the Space

The assignment was to create a book based on a location around Alfred and base the characters on inanimate objects.

We decided that since our location was the 2nd floor of Terra Cotta, that it should focus directly on the space. Since we liked our ghost from the other project , we wanted to have this take place in his dreams. My character in the story is a lamp who wanted to continue its daily practice of origami into something happy.

While the project was fun, it was difficult for our group since we all had our own things going on in our lives that took mild priority.

Progress Image