CoLab Inside/Outside

Assignment 1: Letter to my Future Self

I typed this assignment out because I have a tendency to go through my old notes on my computer a month or so after I type them, just to see what I decided was important enough for me to type out. Also because I was a bit lazy but I think I got my point across with this letter. Maybe someday I will write it out on paper, don’t know yet.

Dear Future Me,
I was going to write this out on paper but I was lazy and unmotivated so I decided to type this out. Post pandemic, there’s a few things I need you to do. 

  1. I need you to go outside when this is over and make the art you want to make. 
  2. I want you to finally get in the habit of time management, which is ironic because the post for this assignment is 2 days late.
  3. I want you to be more thankful for your family and friends. I know you already are but maybe now you’ll buy them some McDonalds or something on the way over to their houses as a thank you for getting up before 12pm to hang out. You’ll figure it out. 
  4. And I want you to start taking actual breaks. Animal Crossing for 5 hours isn’t a break and we both know it. 

It’s going to be difficult, I know how much you want to be outside and see your friends. However, the longer the wait, the sweeter the payoff, the more day’s you’ll be able to be at each other’s houses in a row because you missed each other so much during quarantine. Don’t be stupid.

-Past You

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